We are remarkably fortunate to be the best placed accommodation in Southbroom for access to the beach, and have a well known restaurant within walking distance. In addition within 10 minutes we can recommend a wide variety of restaurants to suit your mood and palate. The room information we give you on arrival will detail them all and we are always happy to make recommendations and bookings for you.

Few coastal villages can boast easy access along the full extent of their coastline. Even fewer can boast that their natural heritage has not given way to high-rise hotels and apartment blocks.

Southbroom enjoys a 4 kilometre sandy Indian Ocean beach frontage and has protected its coastal bush with passion. The green lungs provided by the well-known Southbroom Golf Club, Frederika Nature Reserve and 350,000 m2 of township land zoned to conservation, enhance the lush green tropical paradise that nestles between the Mbizane and Kaba Rivers.

Southbroom boasts two recognised swimming beaches and the coastal walk between them is truly spectacular thanks to the pristine condition of the primary dunes. Its two tidal pools further ensure that the needs of every beachcomber are satisfied. There are a few rocky outcrops along the way, but they are easily crossed and the little coves that nestle between them are stunning.

The village also boasts a tennis and bowls club and adequate retail facilities for daily needs. More comprehensive shopping is provided by the nearby towns of Ramsgate, Margate and Shelly Beach.

When the sardine run gets going in June, Southbroom is the place to be. These billions of tiny little fish attract a delightful symphony of sea life. From the ostentatious dolphins frolicking in the waves to the ensemble of plunge-diving gannets, this spectacle is a fascinating and unforgettable experience.

Dolphin / whale watching southern right whales and humpback whales appear around the South African coastline from May to December and can often be seen close inshore and near river mouths. Southbroom has many elevated vantage points from which to enjoy the whales. Several coastal dolphin species can be seen throughout the year, especially during the annual sardine run.

Bird watching Southbroom is a bird lover’s paradise with a myriad of habitats to explore.

Diving / shark diving Launching from Shelley Beach, the Protea Banks reef is rated as one of the world’s best shark diving spots. Species encountered on the reef include: Bull (Zambezi), Tiger, Hammerhead, Thresher, Copper, Dusky, Ragged Tooth, Black Tip, and even the odd Mako shark. There is also a variety of reef fish, ribbon tail skates, moray eels, spotted eagle rays, manta rays and large schools of pelagic fish.

Horse riding A number of operators offer horse trails through the coastal bush or along the beaches, including the Oribi Gorge and overnight trips along the Eastern Cape Wild Coast.

Nature reserves  There are a number of nature reserves in the area offering hiking trails, picnic sites and bird watching in Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve and the Umtamvuna Nature Reserve are the most well known.

Mountain biking / MTB trails Mountain bike trails are offered around Port Edward, and adjacent to the Umtamvuna Nature Reserve. Exciting overnight trails are offered into the Wild Coast, just across the Umtamvuna River.

River bend Crocodile Farm One of the South Coast’s most popular attractions and home to some of South Africa’s the largest crocodiles. The farm also has an enlightening information centre, art gallery and restaurant.

Wild Coast Sun Casino A popular entertainment destination located just south of Southbroom.

Arts and crafts Original paintings, hand-crafted pottery, beadwork and jewellery from some of South Africa’s top artists and crafters can be found in the local galleries.

Extreme adventure The more adventurous can enjoy the exhilaration of abseiling by doing the 101 metre rock face at the Oribi Gorge, the king swing, or white-water rafting!